Month: June 2021


Facts You Need to Know to Opt for the Best Types of Dental Implant

In simple terms, dental implant can be described as an effective treatment to provide prosthetic replacement in place of your missing tooth. The surgical fixture helps to place the artificial tooth looking exactly like the original ones. It is mainly placed in the jawbone to blend with the bone in few months’ time. The dental […]


Hearing loss – Diagnosis and treatment

What is hearing loss? Hearing loss is restricted or complete incompetence to learn. Hearing loss may be already at delivery or obtained at any point later. Hearing loss may happen in single or both ears. Hearing loss happens as you mature (presbycusis). Nearly half the souls in the specifically US who is mature than age […]


What are the long-term effects of spinal compression fractures?

If you experience back pain, it may come as quite usual. However, most of us tend to be prone to back pain during our childhood days. But, not all symptoms of back pain should be ignored. This is mostly because constant back pain will be a symptom of low bone density or osteoporosis. In many […]